Castle Town of Kitsuki with Edo-style Experience
  Kitsuki City prospered as a castle town and may seem to have had little to do with Christianity, but there are many sites to see in the route of "El Camino de Oracio" (The Road of Oracio). Walking southward along the coast line from Kunisaki City, you will find “Ko-ko Ishi” beside the Takayama River flowing into the Morie Bay. It is a big stone named for the famous Christian war strategist in the 16th century, Kuroda Kanbee used to tie his ship to during his inspection of defense of the Kitsuki Castle in preparation for the war against the Otomo army. After looking at the Ko-ko Ishi, those on the walk continue into the old part of the castle town. The Kitsuki Catholic Church in the castle town was established in 1953 and has a stamp desk for "El Camino de Oracio".

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Slope between the Kitadai-bukeyashiki (samurai residences) and the commercial district. Famous as “Sandwich Castle Town” and a filming location.

Kitsuki Castle

Built by Kitsuki Yorinao in 1394. A view from the castle keep is a must-see.

Kitsuki Catholic Church

Anyone is welcome to the masses held on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday (from 6 am / Please make a reservation.)
Sunday (from 9:30 am / Reservation not necessary)

Ko-ko Ishi

A stone that Kuroda Kanbee tied his ship to during his inspection on fortress and defense of the Kitsuki Castle in preparation for the war of Ishigaki-baru in 1600.

Kitsuki Furusato Industries Store


Ohara-tei (a high-ranking samurai residence)