Please Read Before You Start Walking

  • There is no guide on the route therefore walkers are responsible for their own safety.
  • Many parts of the route are private or are owned by local communities, so please respect the area and stay on the path.
  • Feel free to say hello to locals you encounter during your walk. They are happy to support and encourage you.
  • Please consult the Official Map for "El Camino de Oracio" (The Road of Oracio) and follow road signs while walking the route.
  • In case of emergency, contact our committee, administration body, hospitals, etc. The telephone numbers are on the Official Map and our leaflet.

Items Necessary for Walking

  • The three items below are necessary to walk "El Camino de Oracio".
  • The items are available at the places below.
    • ・Shiro-Yama-Tei (Eating facility near Petro Kasui Kibe Memorial Park)
    • ・Kunisaki Tourism Association (in Michi-no-Eki Kunisaki)
    • ・Kitsuki Tourism Organization (in Kitsuki Furusato Industries Store)
    • ・Hiji Tourist Association (in Ni-no-maru Yakata)

"El Camino de Oracio" Charm

This charm proves you are a participant of "El Camino de Oracio".

"El Camino de Oracio" Official Map

Compact, easy-to-carry and must-have route map.

"El Camino de Oracio" Stamp Book

Find the 10 stamps at the stamp desks while walking the route. Bring your stamp book home for a memory of your trip.